Victim Offender Reconciliation Program

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (V.O.R.P.) simply put is a restorative way of bringing the victim and offender together, with a trained mediator, to allow for the following opportunities:

  • Victim shares how the crime affected their lives.

  • Victim hears, directly from the offender, "the why?".

  • Offender hears the victim face-to-face.

  • Offender gets the opportunity to tell the story, not as an excuse.

  • Offender gets the opportunity to take meaningful responsibility for the crime committed.

  • Victim has a voice, with the agreement of the offender, on the type of restitution the offender will pay/serve.

  • An agreement from both parties is made and a contract is written with specifics.

This process if voluntary and both parties need to agree to mediate.

***This is a free service.***