What to expect at mediation….


  • Medi8Resolution Center mediators will be impartial and neutral. No sides will be taken as we have no stake in the outcome of your dispute.

  • We will facilitate discussion between participants.

  • We will not make substantive decisions. The participants make the decisions.

  • We may provide information relevant to your matter, including information about the law.
    We will not give you legal advice.

  • We will ensure that each participant is permitted to voice his/her concerns and respond to the concerns expressed by other participants.

  • We will work to ensure that discussions remain civil and are conducted in a neutral, comfortable environment, even when discussions produce strong emotions.

  • We will attempt to help you resolve your dispute expeditiously by keeping your "eye on the ball”.

  • We will help divert disputes that may be emotionally important, but will not resolve the dispute.

  • Mediation is confidential. We will not share information revealed during the mediation with anyone.

  • Mediation is voluntary. Any participant can pause or terminate the mediation at any time.












When you choose to mediate, the following agreement will be reviewed and signed at the time of mediation.


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