Parenting & Divorce Class

Divorce can be a painful and traumatic experience for the whole family. It is statistically proven that no matter how amicable a divorce, it will have some form of adverse effect on the child(ren). It is important for parents to educate themselves on the emotional impact that their child(ren) will have due to divorce.

Parenting Education Seminar, Pursuant to T.C.A. 36-6-408, is usually required for divorced and never married parents who have or will be entering a permanent parenting plan.

This is a 4-hour seminar, as required by law. This course is intended to help divorcing and never married parents work more cooperatively and effectively with each other, while focusing on what is in the best interest of their child(ren), parents learn to communicate in a positive manner, which helps to meet their child(ren) needs.  Parents will be educated on the following topics and more:

  • Basic child development

  • Adult’s vs Children’s Business

  • Communication

  • Domestic Violence

  • Child Abuse/Neglect

  • Parenting Plan…What is it? How detailed should it be?

  • Co-parenting


*****It is offered the 3rd Monday of the month.*****

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Class dates & Time

Monday, 6/17 @ 5pm – 9pm                 Monday, 9/16 @ 5pm – 9pm

Monday, 7/15 @ 5pm – 9pm                 Monday, 10/21 @ 5pm – 9pm

Monday, 8/19 @ 5pm – 9pm                 Monday, 11/18 @ 5pm – 9pm 

Monday, 12/16 @ 5pm-9pm