Litigation, for the most part, is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining. It can also be unpredictable because a judge and/or jury are the decision makers and you can never be certain of the outcome. It leaves many people with the feeling that their concerns were not considered and in most cases, it wasn’t. The judge, by his/her interpretation of the law, decides the outcome of the case.

An alternative is mediation. Many people do not know how cost-effective and empowering mediation can be. The cost of mediation is minimal compared to litigation and the participants have a voice and control of the outcome. It isn’t about winning or losing, but coming to an agreement both participants can live with. Communication is the most important key and active listening is a must.            


Cases we mediate: Family Law 

Divorce – By mediating your divorce, you will save money. Attorney’s fee can easily add up to $25,000 or more depending on the complexity and discovery of the case. If there are children involved, these expenses can add up if the children are assigned a guardian ad litem and/or a psychological evaluation of the family may be ordered by the court. Embracing mediation will allow you to be empowered by giving your voice and determining what is in the best interest of your children instead of giving the power to a third party. When you go to court and you have to provide confidential information such as your financials or file any accusations, those documents are all public record. Mediation is a confidential process and you maintain your dignity. By embracing the process and engaging in good faith, you are empowered in the decision-making and have a level of control in your outcome.

Parenting Plans- Parenting Plans can be mediated and renegotiated as children’s needs change.  This process is also confidential and it can be done separate or as part of the divorce.  For non-married couples, Parenting Plans are just as crucial. Compromising becomes critical when creating a Parenting Plan.  Remember that the courts will review your Parenting Plan to make sure both parties came to the agreed consensus on what would be in the best interest of the child(ren). Parenting Plans should be revisited every few years.

V.O.R.P. (Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) - This is a FREE program.  We mediate cases between Offenders and Victims. This allows for the victims to have the opportunity to voice how the crime affected their lives and a chance for the offenders to take meaningful responsibility for what they did.  The victims also have input on whatever form of restitution the offenders might pay and it gives closure to the victim. 

Please note that Family Mediation is NOT a substitute for independent legal counsel or therapy; however, Family Mediation is a valuable option for many families because it can promote the best interests of the child(ren). In addition, it may reduce the emotional and economic costs associated with family disputes. Through Family Mediation, you can increase your self-determination and awareness, which positively influences your ability to communicate.

Cost - M8RC’s goal is to provide mediation at a reasonable price for the community. The following chart provides hourly fee per person. There is a two-hour minimum fee, which needs to be paid upfront. If it goes over two-hours, the difference will be charged.








***Individuals must provide proof of income for verification to be considered***


***The cost for services will be paid the day of mediation. Be prepared for the possibility of a mediation session to be                       approximately three to four hours.  You will be charged two-hours before session begins.  You will be charged the                     difference if mediation takes longer.****


**A 24-hour noticed is required for cancellation; otherwise there will be a $25 charge for the person who cancelled at the last

   minute or there is a no-show.***

***You will be provided with forms to fill-out before coming to mediation.  You are expected to come prepared and bring all

     requested documents.  If participants do not come prepared, the session will be cancelled, rescheduled, and a $25 charge       will be added to the session fee of the participant who came unprepared.***


***Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will not be able to accept personal checks***

Those whose income are above $60K, mediation of $100 an hour per person is available (minimum 2-hours). 

Lawyers are welcome as part of the process.  If a participant hires a lawyer, please read the guidelines: